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Powerdyne and the City of Terre Haute

The City of Terre Haute and Powerdyne have entered into a contractual agreement as of July 2014 for processing of Municipal Solid Waste ( Sewage Sludge) into Bio Diesel Fuel.  As of January 2015 the contracts are not enforceable according to City Legal.  Here are the contracts in PDF format.

In a Tribune Star Article date July 10, 2014 Mayor: City will not file bankruptcy in the last paragraph it states 

'Councilman Jim Chalos asked the mayor how a city with a deficit each year can be making progress. Bennett said there are new sources of revenue coming to the city. "I'll be happy to share [those sources] with you once it's in concrete," Bennett said.' 

Just 5 days later the Contract with Powerdyne was signed and was passed at the next Board of Public Works Meeting.  If this is part of the new sources of revenue coming to city, why not make the announcement during the month of July.