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City to Sell Sludge

Hulman Center Informational Meeting 

Board of Public Works approved a 20yr contact with Powerdyne on selling MSS and green waste to Powerdyne in July 2014.  Here are the links to contracts: 

Powerdyne contract - wwtp 7-15-14 (1).pdf

Renewable Transport Agreement - WWTP 7-28-14 .pdf

Sodrel Fuels Agreement - WWTP 7-28-14.pdf




State of the City Address February 27,2014

Mayor Duke Bennett presented a synopsis of 2013 and projections for 2014.  Very informative.

Key Points:

Margaret Project - Next phase has started.  If you drive down Margaret Avenue you will see that the demolition has taken place of the buildings.  Utility Poles still need to be moved before the process of rebuilding the road takes place.  Construction of the new section should start in spring.  The next section from Erie Canal to 19th Street is in the property acquisition stage still.  In the plans there is an overpass for the rail tracks at 19th and Margaret which, in my opinion, is greatly needed.  Funding for this overpass is not completely secure and we will be watching where the funding for the overpass will be coming from.

Wabash Project - The old rail ties have been removed and the last section should be completed this year.  

  General Fund - Always a struggle - showed a positive balance at the end of the year with the Tax Anticipation Loan.   

PILOT Fees - PILOT fees are Payment In Lieu of Taxes meaning that a entity that is not paying property taxes may pay a PILOT fee for services like fire and police.  The Sanitary Plant has paid a PILOT fee for the last two years and ISU pays a PILOT fee for example.