Taxpayers Association 
of Vigo County

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Current proposed projects, not listed by necessity or benefit to community, or in order of cost:
`Bigger or smaller? -   assessment of needs for new jail/renovations 
`Hulman Center & Convention Center
`Upgraded High Schools/new facility
`Food & Beverage Tax

2018 Proposed Projects in Vigo County

  Estimated Cost
   New Taxes?
Estimated annual revenue from new taxes
Open for majority of general public to use?
Justice reassessment & justice reform, 
jail alternatives
 <$60 million
New jail
  >$60 million
 Income Tax
Arts or convention center/Capital Improvement Board (C.I.B.)
Food and Beverage Tax (1%)
 $ 1.2 - 2.1 million
 Many surrounding communities already have this tax.
 Hulman Center Renovations
Renovated/upgraded high schools
Better roads
New Police Station